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August 2012 Articles

Highlights: August Minutes, 09/20/12

Secretary read July minutes; Approved. FST gave July wages, expenses, meals, receipts from Grand Lodge, CD balance, and checking account balance; Approved.



Fisher asked to verify number of new members attending; 10 counted. FST states VP informed all members of change in meetings in newsletter but some returned; need address updates. BT Chairman reports annual Labor Day parade will be held downtown on September 3, contact Russell Valentine for more information. Raffle tickets for Grand Lodge available from L/C Jeff Egnoske or protective commitee members. Received community service meeting notice being held December 16th thru 20th in Maryland. Grand Lodge will send someone at no cost to us; see Russell for information; interest received from one person so far. OLD BUSINESS: BT Chairman ask about interest in website for continued upkeep and passes out web address to attendees. Medical cards should include co-pay, BCBS doesn't cover $10 convenient care co-pay because it is not covered by United Healthcare. Need to submit college class schedules for insurance purposes.

Roger Barr NARB Area 6 Director speaks (handout) on personal history; NARB fact on member count, finances, etc. Ryan wants to open up union jobs to contractors. Ryan bill would eliminate Tier 1, occupational disability, increase retirement age to 62 and spouse age; and out-of-pocket costs on insurance.

Questions: Difference with Tier 1 & Tier 2 After 5 yrs (vested), Tier 1 sent to Social Security, but do keep paying in to it. Tier 2 is private pension money.

Does off-in-force count in 5 yrs? No, as long as paid fulltime it counts.

New hire questions skilled labor job vs. nonskilled job. Egnoske states not likely.

Retirement Age? Retirement age can vary if not hitting 30 years vs 60 years age.

Closing prayer/meeting closed.

Eight Union Members To Be Honored On Labor, 08/30/12

On Labor Day, eight of America’s hardest working union members will be honored for their community spirit, volunteerism and love of the great outdoors during the 2nd annual Brotherhood Outdoors Labor Day marathon.

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President Obama's New New Deal Misunderstood, 08/30/12

"The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era" by Michael Grunwald examines President Obama's $800 billion stimulus bill and calls it one of the most important and least understood pieces of legislation in American history. Grunwald, a reporter for the New York Times, told an audience at the Center for American Progress that the stimulus package helped to prevent the U.S. from free-falling into a Depression.

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2012 United Way Fundraising Underway, 08/17/12

The 2012 United Way fundraising campaign has begun! TCU members are passionately committed to building stronger, healthier communities; the United Way has always been the strongest partner in this work.

"Go to 2012 United Way Fundraising..."

UHC Fax For Dependent Healthcare, 08/17/12

Employees covered by United Healthcare who have dependent students who need to provide verification of their education status for healthcare benefits can fax their dependents fall class schedules to (248) 733-6080.

Also, the regular fax number for United Healthcare is 845-382-6699.

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