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TCU Local Lodge 427


November 2012 Articles

Highlights: November 2012 Minutes, 11/19/2012

TCU Lodge 427 November Meeting

Lodge 427 met at HyVee November 13, 2012. The meeting opened in regular form with President Vega calling meeting to order and Smith invokes the opening prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


President: Lori Vega P; Vice President: Brenda Poles A due to work.; FST: Sandie Raney A; Local chairman: Jeff Egnoske P; Chaplin: Peggy Sue Smith P; Secretary: Kim Minson A

Board of trustees: Chairman, Russell Valentine P; Members: Mary Douglas P, John Fisher P

Protective committee members: Samuel Wittmaier P, Jim Northrup P, Greg Shaffer P, Kevin Lattimer P.

Sargent of Arms: Mark Gellar A; Inner guard: Linda Stacey A; Outer guard: Wendy Giron A.

All officers were present except Poles, Raney, Minson, Gellar, Stacey and Giron.

President None.

Secretary's Report Reading of October minutes postponed to December meeting with November minutes.

FST Report None.

Board of Trustees Report Valentine reports next meeting on December 11 to be held at Blind Tiger. Available to enter at 4:30pm with meeting at 5:15pm.

Local Chairmans Report Egnoske reports he is glad election is over and feels management, IAM posters played in our favor.

Reports 10day suspension in Winslow, AZ-clerk can't get FMLA. 10Day suspension in Material-forgot to call in. 1 Bridge Tender OIFR guaranteed 2 days a month.

Medical leave expired today. 13 Crew/1 Janitorial claims.

Bidding new job after 7 calendar days get 1hr pay for each day held.

Unfinished Business: Fisher requests attendance count: Retired 2, Active 23

New Business: Valentine says Health/Welfare Packet has 12/15 cutoff for switching United to BCBS or BCBS to United. Flex spending has 12/7 cutoff-is pretax but set dollar amount for 1 year, use or lose.

Douglas states tuition reimbursement is changing.

Vega states there are different departments, therefore there are different hours allowed. Do not complain as they can take the option away.

Prize drawing winners: Valentine states there will be a double drawing next month to make up for none this meeting.

Next meeting December 11, 2012

Chaplain Smith gives closing prayer and President Vega closes meeting.


Machinist Union President Tom Buffenbarger Congratulates President Obama, 11/7/2012

In a press release from Machinist Union President Tom Buffenbarger congratulates President Obama on his reelection but also reminds him of the work still ahead: “The election of President Obama to a second term is worthy of celebration for so many reasons, and celebrate we shall, but with the nation struggling to recover from a great recession and with millions still unemployed and underemployed, we must quickly turn our attention to the pressing work at hand. "Go to Press Release By Machinist Union President Tom Buffenbarger"

. Statement by TCU President Scardelletti on President Obama's Election Victory, 11/7/2012

According to TCU President Scardeletti, "Working Americans have cause to celebrate. Thanks in large part to the volunteer efforts of union members throughout this country, President Obama has been reelected, and pro-union Senators like Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin, and Sherrod Brown in Ohio have emerged victorious." "Go to Statement by TCU President Scardelletti on President Obama's Election Victory"

Special Appeal for Storm Relief Donations, 11/6/2012

According to news media reports, Hurricane Sandy killed 113 people and left thousands more homeless. Storm relief donations are being sought to help shelter and feed the people who were displaced by the storm.

You can make a donation by check or money order written to the “IAM Disaster Relief Fund” and mail it to IAM Community Services Department, 9000 Machinists Place, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-2687. "Go to IAM Disaster Relief Fund"

TCU/IAM Member Affected By Disaster Can Get Assistance, 11/02/2012

TCU/IAM members adversely affected by severe weather like Hurricanes Sandy and Isaac, or other natural disasters, can get help from the IAM’s Disaster Relief Fund.

TCU MNPL Fundraiser, 6/1/2012 thru 11/06/2012.

According to TCU Machinist Non-Partisan Political League, November 6, 2012 is more than just another election, it is an opportunity to focus on what's at stake for our union members. Are you wondering what is at stake?

* The future of rail road retirement

* The survival of Amtrak

* Potential funding cuts for commuter railroads and transit systems impacting the wages and benefits of attendants

* The survival of the trade union

TCU MNPL's raffle will provide funds to help candidates who help keep the union strong. Donations can only be made by individuals because unions don't use membership dues to make contributions to candidates. Tickets cost $5 each of 5 for $10. Raffle prizes include a 1st prize of $500, a 2nd prize of $250, and a 3rd prize of $250. Tickets cost $5 each of 5 for $10.

Contact information: TCU Legislative Department, 3 Research Pl, Rockville, MD 20850. Phone: (301) 840-8758.

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