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January 2013 Articles

Highlights: January 2013 Minutes TCU Lodge 427, 01/30/2013.

Lodge 427 met at Blind Tiger December 11, 2012. The meeting opened in regular form with President Vega calling meeting to order and Smith invokes the opening prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Attending:

President: Lori Vega P Vice President: Brenda Poles A due to work. FST: Sandie Raney P Local chairman: Jeff Egnoske P Chaplin: Peggy Sue Smith P Secretary: Kim Minson P Board of trustees: Chairman, Russell Valentine P Members: Mary Douglas A, John Fisher P

Protective committee members: Samuel Wittmaier P, Jim Northrup P, Greg Shaffer P, Kevin Lattimer P

Sargent of Arms: Mark Gellar A Inner guard: Linda Stacey P Outer guard: Wendy Giron P All officers were present except Poles, Douglas and Gellar.

President None.

Secretary's Report Reading of November minutes-Approved.

FST Report November wages paid out, expenses paid out, meals, receipts-dues from Grand Lodge, Interest, totals CD, checking, grand total; Approved.

Board of Trustees Report Valentine reports FDIC making changes to non-interest bearing accounts so will affect insurance on accounts.

Local Chairmans Report Egnoske reports 1)9 time claims submitted. 2)Email being watched-be careful. 3)Employee released due to stealing time-smoke breaks. 4)Traveling to KC for ergonomic claim.

Unfinished Business: Fisher requests attendance count: Retired Active 36

1)Union members striking in other states; auto workers, teachers, etc. 2)Material dept. expanding-clerk job posted and closed. New Business: 1)Valentine wants to inquire on usage of website. Suggestion of newsletter semiannually. 2)Motion to buy laptop for FST Raney and Internet services-Stacey 1st, Dan 2nd, Motion approved. 3)New email filter installed so looks for SSNs, curse words, jokes, etc. 4)Vega congratulates Nina Taylor on retirement.

Prize drawing winners: Topeka-Kostelecki, Lattimer, French, Sabias, Shaffer, Davis, Sanchez, Gutierrez, Combs, Raney, Bryant, Valentine.

Next meeting at Blind Tiger-January 8, 2013. Chaplain Smith gives closing prayer and President Vega closes meeting.


BNSF Signs Accord with US Labor Departmentís OSHA Governing Practices Under Federal Railroad Safety Act , 01/18/2013

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has signed an accord with BNSF Railway Co., announcing BNSF's voluntary revision of several personnel policies that OSHA alleged violated the whistleblower provisions of the Federal Railroad Safety Act and dissuaded workers from reporting on-the-job injuries. FRSA's Section 20109 protects railroad workers from retaliation for, among other acts, reporting suspected violations of federal laws and regulations related to railroad safety and security, hazardous safety or security conditions, and on-the-job injuries.

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Official Call For 2013 IAM Newsletter, Website and Photo Entries, 01/04/2013

Official call given for entries to newsletter, website and photo contest are due by May 10, 2013

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2013 IAM Scholarship Applications Are Available, 01/27/2013

TCU Local Lodge 427 has just received applications for the 2013 IAM Scholarship Competition which must be postmarked by 02/25/13. This competition is open to IAM member in good standing for the past two year, or the son, daughter, stepchild or legally adopted child of an IAM member in good standing. Please contact Vice President Brenda Poles if you need an application or go online.

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