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February 2013 Articles
Highlights: February 2013 Minutes TCU Lodge 427, 02/12/2013.

Lodge 427 met at Blind Tiger February 12, 2013. The meeting opened in regular form with President Vega calling meeting to order and Smith invokes the opening prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Attending:

President: Lori Vega P Vice President: Brenda Poles P FST: Sandie Raney P Local chairman: Jeff Egnoske P Chaplin: Peggy Sue Smith P Secretary: Kim Minson P Board of trustees:

Chairman, Russell Valentine P; Members: Mary Douglas A; John Fisher

Protective committee members: Samuel Wittmaier P, Jim Northrup P, Greg Shaffer P, Kevin Lattimer P

Sargent of Arms: Mark Gellar A; Inner guard: Linda Stacey A; Outer guard: Wendy Giron A; All officers were present except Douglas, Gellar, Stacey and Giron.

President None.

Secretary's Report Reading of January minutes-Approved.

FST Report included January wages, expenses. meals, dues from Grand Lodge, interest, totals CD, checking, and Grand total. Approved.

Board of Trustees Report Valentine reports 1)Feb 2 annual audit done by board of trustees is successful, audit available for viewing. 2)Raffle still ongoing, winner $500.

Local Chairmans Report Egnoske reports:

1)2 FMLA investigations in January.

(1st member makes point that employee does not have to sign waiver for employer to receive information) Short explanation of investigations process. (2nd member makes point to request doctor to put as much information as possible on paperwork) Can make you take sick/personal leave first on FMLA.

2)16 claims filed.

3)3rd member asks if Wood's position will be filled. Under MIA agreement, 2 Janitors hired but not filled if any leave position. Woods arbitration coming up and trying to return to janitorial.

Attendance count: Retired 1; Active 27

Unfinished Business: none.

New Business: Audit of wages done yearly.

1)Valentine moves to increase all officers wages increased by 3.5%, 2nd by Northrup. Discussion: Raney says either increase by sufficient amount or table. Valentine says $120 total increase. Northrup amends motion to 3.5% increase with roundup to nearest dollar. Approved 23, 1 opposed. Motion passed.

2)Valentine moves to increase Northrup wages by $100 per month for handling vacations and divide his job(pay) into 2. Discussion: Northrup states what he does with vacations. 2nd by Poles. Approved unanimous. Motion passed.

3)Valentine moves to divide Poles job(pay) into 2. 2nd by P Smith. Approved unanimous. Motion passed.

4)Valentine has scholarship information-see if interested.

5)Website class information. Poles discusses what is necessary-items, costs, etc. Application due by March 1st. Microsite hits discussed. Seperate Website Approximate cost $1100. Valentine moves Poles to attend website class in Maryland in April. 2nd by Shaffer. Approved by majority. Motion passed.

6)Valentine and Poles make point of change in vision insurance. 7)Egnoske states KC meeting planned Tuesday, Feb 26. Motion to have meeting with 4 prize drawings. 2nd by Dan. Approved unanimous. Motion passed.

8)Trammel passed with funeral date stated. Coszalter passed in 2012-Feb 23 memorial details stated. Pettit passed.

9)Point to Egnoske-laborers crossing over. (2 attending shops guys).

10)Vega has been approached to question if monthly meeting necessary or if we change to every other month. Discussion. No motion.

Prize drawing winners: Topeka-Lattimer, Poles, Raney, French, Vega, Hardey. Out of town-Gallaher and Poindexter.

Next meeting at Blind Tiger-March 12, 2013.

Chaplain Smith gives closing prayer and President Vega closes meeting.


Union Dues Increasing By $2.70 Effective April 1, 2012 , 02/28/2013

Effective April 1, 2013, you will notice a small increase in the cost of your union dues deduction because they will be increasing from $78.60 to $81.30.

"Go to Union Dues Increasing"

New Railroad Employees National Vision Plan Highlights, 02/11/2013

Effective 01/01/2013, EyeMed Vision Care became the new administrator of the Railroad Employees' National Vision Plan. According to Board of Trustees' Chairman, Russell Valentine, all members became eligible for a new pair of glasses when the vision plan began in January 2013, regardless of when they purchased in 2012. Plan remains the same with below enhancements:

1. EyeMed will issue employees an ID card.

2. Additional pair discount increasing to 40% with no limit on number additional pairs of glasses purchased.

3. Each member gets a $60 discount on non-prescription polarized Ray-Ban sunglasses during the 2013 plan year at participating providers.

4. Introduced Early Retiree Discount Savings Plan for eye exams and other items purchased from EyeMed provider faciliites. Plan not part of Railroad Employees National Vision Plan.

"Go to New Vision Plan"

2013 IAM Scholarship Deadline Is Rapidly Approaching, 02/15/2013

The 2013 IAM Scholarship Competition deadline is rapidly approaching. Applications must be postmarked by February 25, 2013. The competition is open to IAM members in good standing for the past two year, or the son, daughter, stepchild or legally adopted child of an IAM member in good academic standing.

"Go to 2013 IAM Scholarship Competition"

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