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TCU Local Lodge 427


March 2013 Articles

March Union Meeting Highlights, 03/28/2013

TCU Lodge 427 Meeting

Lodge 427 met at Blind Tiger March 12, 2013. The meeting opened in regular form with President Vega calling meeting to order and Smith invokes the opening prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Attending:

President: Lori Vega P; Vice President: Brenda Poles A, due to work; FST: Sandie Raney P; Local chairman: Jeff Egnoske P; Chaplin: Peggy Sue Smith P; Secretary: Kim Minson P; Board of trustees:

Chairman, Russell Valentine P

Members: Mary Douglas P; John Fisher P

Protective committee members: Samuel Wittmaier P, Jim Northrup P, Greg Shaffer P, Kevin Lattimer P

Sargent of Arms: Mark Gellar P; Inner guard: Linda Stacey A; Outer guard: Wendy Giron P;

All officers were present except Poles and Stacey.

President None.

Secretary's Report Reading of February minutes-Approved.

FST Report February wages, expenses, meals,dues from Grand Lodge, interest, Totals CD, checking, and Grand total. Approved.

Board of Trustees Report Valentine reports:

1)Newsletter was mailed with website info.

2)Signed up 3 new hires from crew and 1 from shops.

Local Chairmans Report Egnoske reports:

1)14 claims filed-crew.

2)Investigation in KC.

Attendance count: Retired 4; Active 28

Unfinished Business: none.

New Business:

1)Valentine reports Egnoske has laptop and moves for $10 fee to operate laptop. 2nd by Dan, motion passed unanimously.

2)Egnoske states other unions use union dues for various reasons, received call from upper leaders saying that people on disability will take 9.2% cut, MNPL holding lottery to help with funds. Disability and unemployment comes out of Tier 1 taxes. See Egnoske or Valentine for tickets.

3)Fisher asks if spouses may attend KC meeting and will anything be reimbursed for mileage. All officers asked to attend if possible. Tabled.

4)Norfolk Southern had 1.1 million in fines for firings. See TCUnion.org for information.

5)Giron asks why union fees are rising and where is money being used. Fees go toward salaries, MD facility, expenses of TCU. Raised dues every April.

6)Minson asks for flash drive for laptop. Dan motions, 2nd-approved unanimously.

7)Vega moves to send local chairman (Egnoske) to conference in Las Vegas, NV and pay all expenses which might be approximately $3000. Hund seconds, approved unanimously.

Prize drawing winners: Topeka-Minson, Ditch, Schneider, Summers, Hund, Lattimer, Northrup. Out of town-2 winners.

New members introduced: Jeanette Boucher, MOW, Jennifer Ditch, Payroll and Anushka Amin, MOW.

Next meeting on April 9, 2013 at Blind Tiger. Chaplain Smith gives closing prayer and President Vega closes meeting.


Double Check Retail Clinic Copays

Medical Cards have a list of copays on the back. The card lists a $10 copay at retail clinics but it may run as much as $20 depending on who you are seen by. It is a good idea to double check with the retail clinic when you arrive to verify your copay amount for the visit.


Recent Budget Cuts Forcing Reductions In Railroad Sickness and Retirement Benefits, 03/08/2013

The United States Railroad Retirement Board has been forced to reduce sickness and railroad unemployment benefits by 9.2 percent as a result of a sequestration order filed by President Obama on March 1, 2013.

"RR Benefit Reductions"


U.S. Dept of Labor Freezes Job Corp Enrollment, 03/07/2013

According to TCUnion.Org, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) implemented an enrollment freeze in its Job Corps programs which could impact nearly 30,000 of our nation's prospective students abilitiy to access the vocational training, specialized certifications and high school diploma opportunities that this program affords low-income young people. It could also result in the layoff of nearly 10,000 Job Corps staff members. “At a time when thousands of our nation’s young people are counting on the Job Corps to help them find good jobs, they are being shut out,” said TCU President Bob Scardelletti “The short-sighted enrollment freeze will harm our nation’s young workers, create a gap in training programs that will leave businesses short of the trained workers they need and cause potential layoffs of staff at Job Corps centers nationwide.”

"Go to DOL Freezes Job Corps Enrollment"


Notable Union News Railroad Trivia, 3/7/2013

Where did the name "Union Station" originate from?

According to Wikepedia, union station was a generic term used to describe passenger train stations or terminals used by all passenger trains in a city. Historically, it was also used to describe the shared facilities and tracks used to move freight, too. The first railroad "Union Station" in America opened in Indianpolis on September 20, 1853. It was established to help manage the complicated connections between passengers and freight trains within the city. Today, "a union station is the term used for a train station where tracks and facilities are shared by two or more railway companies, allowing passengers to connect conveniently between them. The term 'union station' is used in North America and 'joint station' in Europe."

"Go to Union Station Meaning"


Nominees Needed For Burch Safety Award, 03/01/2013

It is still not to late for you to submit your nominee for the 2013 Dr. Gary Burch Memorial Safety Award. The person nominated must have done something to improve railroad passenger safety. The awarded is $1,000. Nominations must be received by National Association of Railroad Passengers by March 15, 2013.

"Go to Burch Award"

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