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TCU Local Lodge 427


April 2013 Articles

April Union Meeting Highlights, 05/15/13

Lodge 427 met at Blind Tiger April 9, 2013. The meeting opened in regular form with Jim Northrup (in absence of Vega) calling meeting to order and Smith invokes the opening prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attending: President: Lori Vega A

Vice President: Brenda Poles A, due to work.

FST: Sandie Raney P

Local chairman: Jeff Egnoske P

Chaplin: Peggy Sue Smith P

Secretary: Kim Minson P

Board of trustees:

Chairman, Russell Valentine A

Members: Mary Douglas A, John Fisher P

Protective committee members: Samuel Wittmaier P, Jim Northrup P, Greg Shaffer A, Kevin Lattimer P

Sargent of Arms: Mark Gellar P

Inner guard: Linda Stacey A, due to work.

Outer guard: Wendy Giron P

All officers were present except Vega, Valentine, Douglas, Shaffer and Poles/Stacey-due to work.

President None.

Secretary's Report Reading of March minutes-Approved.

FST Report read March wages (RR Taxes), expenses, meals, dues from Grand Lodge, interest; and totals for CD and checking. Grand total. Approved.

Board of Trustees Report No report.

Local Chairmans Report Egnoske reports:

1)18 claims-all crew.

2)6 investigations currently. Short leashes so don't assume you can get away with even if have in past. Infringements: Smoking breaks, leaving early.

3)Safety rules state no electronic devices including cell phones.

4)TCUnion.org website available.

5)3 investigations next month.

Attendance count: Retired 2 Active 26

Unfinished Business: none.

New Business: 1)Raney signed up 2 new hires in shops.

Prize drawing winners: Topeka-Spencer, Grayson, Egnoske, Raney, French, Smith. 2 out of town winners-Pence, Ford

New members introduced: Leslie Fergus-Collections, Dawn Hovestadt-Payroll.

No meeting in May.

Next meeting on June 11, 2013 at Blind Tiger.

Chaplain Smith gives closing prayer and Northrup closes meeting.


IAM: U.S. Export Policy Must Protect U.S. Jobs,04/30/2013

According to International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers (IAM), Democratic member Brad Sherman (CA) attended a hearing, “Export Control Reform: The Agenda Ahead”, held before the House Foreign Affairs Committee where he cited some concerns raised in IAM President Tom Buffenbarger's March 19, 2013 letter relating to the potential impact that both outsourcing and technology transfer might have on domestic employment.

"US Export Policy Concerns"


Disability Annuities Q&A, 04/25/2013

The Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) has released a list of common questions and answers on disability annuities for railroad workers who have become either totally or occupationally disabled.

"Disabiliy Annuities Q&A"


President's Budget Proposal Helps & Hurts, 04/10/2013

President Obama’s budget proposal, "Invest In America," contains key benefits to help create jobs, provide support to America's struggling middle class, and to invest in infrastructure and manufacturing. It may also change the calculation process for Social Security benefits which could reduce recipient benefits dramatically.

"Go to President's Budget Proposal"


Reminder: Union Dues Increased April 1, 2013, 04/01/2013

Effective April 1, 2013, most TCU members who are working will notice an increase in their monthly dues of $2.70 per month. Some may have already noticed this deduction in March if dues are normally deducted a month in advance.

"Go to Union Dues Increased"


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